GRAVE CHASE has been Greenlit on Steam!

2017-03-20 15:30:03 by Mockery

Ahoy again, fellow Newgrounds chums!

Just wanted to thank those of you who took the time to vote for GRAVE CHASE, as our game was greenlit last week! Didn't expect it to be greenlit so quickly, so that was certainly a nice surprise! Now that it's greenlit, we're currently working on implementing all the Steam SDK stuff (achievement medals, trading cards, etc.), and once we've tested everything, we'll announce a release date.

Thanks again for the support! Can't wait for all of you to play the game and attempt to survive the 31 deadly days of October in the Groundskeeper's graveyard!


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2017-03-20 15:35:04

There better not be no 12 or 15 of those damned trading cards, either. They're a pain in the ass to collect. Costly, too, in some cases.

Mockery responds:

Nah, only huge games have 10-16 trading cards or so. We'll likely have 5 or 6 of 'em at most.


2017-03-20 18:07:44

I wonder what game inspired you and the developers making this such as Zombie Ate My Neighbors, Heiankyo Alien (I don't know if that counts if there is a burying enemy alive mechanic or not), ect.?

I'm looking forward to this game.

(Updated ) Mockery responds:

Zombies Ate My Neighbors was definitely one of our inspirations for the game. Always loved the colorful visuals and the fun enemies in it!

As for burying enemies alive, they're already undead, and some emerge from graves, so you're primarily smacking them to smithereens with your trusty shovel. ;) The digging in the game is for finding body parts and other useful things, rather than making enemies fall into the holes (as was the case with Heianko Alien).


2017-03-21 10:50:53

Congrats Rog! Onward to victory!

Mockery responds:

Thanks a lot, Nick!


2017-03-22 10:29:21

Kudos! Look forward to seeing the full game. :D

Mockery responds:

Much appreciated! Excited for people to play it!