Vote for Abobo's Big Adventure on Destructoid!

2012-12-10 15:56:37 by Mockery

Abobo's Big Adventure, the little Flash game that could, is up on Destructoid for their annual awards. Pretty awesome being on that list considering the BIG multi-million dollar games that are also on it!

Would really appreciate it if you guys could take a moment to cast your vote for Abobo here:
Vote for Abobo's Big Adventure!

As you probably already know, this project was a 10-year labor of love, so we've been really happy to see it getting worldwide recognition throughout the year. It's seriously been a crazy ride to see our Flash game get reviewed on all the major gaming sites and even reviewed in magazines like Game Informer. Getting some GOTY awards would be a really amazing way to end this big 2012 adventure of ours, so thanks in advance to all of you who vote for our game :)


Vote for Abobo's Big Adventure on Destructoid!


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2012-12-10 16:06:48


Mockery responds:

Well done, sir!


2012-12-10 16:47:25

There should be an unlockable medal in the game given to those who voted for Abobo. 100 POINTS!

Mockery responds:

Haha, you mean the 100 medals weren't enough? ;)


2012-12-10 17:23:52


Mockery responds:

Thanks ol' chum!


2012-12-10 17:48:43

Probably my favorite flash game ever, so you have my vote!

Mockery responds:

Much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the game so much!


2012-12-10 21:00:01

I dunno... Nintendo Land was pretty damn good.... Ok, fuck it, Abobo it is.


2012-12-10 21:00:47

I love how Abobo's B.A. is the first choice on the list.


2012-12-10 22:14:20

darn, it didn't let me vote on it twice!


2012-12-11 00:28:54

I voted halo I played your game before it was released sorry about that


2012-12-11 01:51:19

I voted for you, man.


2012-12-11 05:53:07

Voted! :)


2012-12-11 09:55:47

Done and done.


2012-12-11 10:54:02

I already did :)


2012-12-11 18:29:41

There have been two games presented here that were literally so good that I went to another site, made an account, and voted for them in competitions that had nothing to do with me, simply because the creator asked us to. One was Nitrome's "Flightless".

The other is Abobo's Big Adventure. This thing knocked my goddamn socks off; I don't think I closed my mouth once during the entire play-through. I enjoyed it so much, I felt obligated to send you money. I didn't, but I felt obligated to.

(Just kidding, I totally did.)