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Entry #1

Working on a new flash game. Plus, Monkey Island on the Nintendo DS?

2007-07-16 21:37:32 by Mockery

I'm currently working on a new game with Pox and BomToons that will probably go down as being the largest one we've ever created together. Hard to say when it will be finished at this point, but we're hoping we can have it done by the end of the year. Not making any promises about that though! What I can promise you is that it will be one of the best throwbacks to the "golden age of gaming" you'll ever see. We'll release more details about the game later on, but for now, we're keeping it under wraps.

In other gaming-related news, I ordered an R4DS card for my Nintendo DS so I can finally live out my dreams of playing Secret of Monkey Island on it. The creators of the Scumm emulator released one for the Nintendo DS and it appears to work perfectly with the stylus pen - music and all. You can check out a video of it in action. LucasArts really should release this game for the DS. I already bought a copy for my PC, but I'd gladly buy another one if they put it out on the DS.

Well anyway, I'll let you know how it works out once I have it installed.



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2007-07-17 18:48:05

I'm going to vote five faster than anything on the movie that comes out. I'm always a fan o' your works.

Secondly, how would they be able to make the emulators and roms react and work together with use of the touchscreen stylus? That quite basically baffles me.

Mockery responds:

Thanks man, but I'd prefer people vote on my games/movies after they've played them rather than voting just because they like what they've done in the past heheh.

As for the stylus, I have no idea how they make it work, but it does. It works perfectly!


2007-07-19 10:08:05

Word up n***a!

Mockery responds:



2007-07-20 14:12:11

I can't wait to see that new the suspense is KILLING me!

Mockery responds:

Me too! I wonder who's gonna finish it? o.O


2007-07-21 05:28:49

If its the one im thinking of FINISH IT, lol but yeah can't wait, btw love
I think i've read just about everything on there.


Mockery responds:

Wow, that's a LOT of reading if what you say is true. Thanks for stickin with the site for so long. Hope the stuff we do continues to entertain you!


2007-11-03 17:42:07

Monkey Island reintroduced for a new generation...



2008-07-10 14:17:38

can you say me how to find all the customes in the game trick or treat?


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